October 1st, 2011


i got 99 problems and they all bitches

I've got some issues that nobody can see
and all of these emotions are pourin' outta me
I bring them to the light for you
it's only right
this is the soundtrack to my life

I super paranoid like a sixth sense,
since my father died I ain’t been right since,
and I tried to piece the puzzle of the universe,
split an eighth of shrooms just so I can see the universe,
I try to think about myself as a sacrifice,
just to show the kids they ain’t the only ones up tonite,
the moon will illuminate my room and soon i’m consumed by my doom.
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    only things that calm me down pussy and some cali trees
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She said I don't spend time
like I really should
She said she don't know me,
I think she hates me deep down
I know she does
She wants to erase me